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Are you a leader of a transport organization?
Are you looking for an app that automates all your operations?
Do you want an app that instantly shows you the health and status of your transport business?
You want to be as visible as possible to the large number of commuters!
All these questions and more can be answered by Arrive Station Admin
Arrive Station Administration is a transportation management system that was specifically designed. It helps transporters to manage their operations and connect passengers with transporters.
Your transport company can use Arrive Station Admin to:
Automate fleet management
Design routes
Schedule and create trips
Close booking
End and start of your trip
Cash payments can be managed
Create a manifest
View passenger bookings
View payments
You can manage access and privileges of other users within the same company
Historical data available

What should you do?
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Trip card optimization

How to install Arrive Station Admin app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

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