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We are glad you have chosen to join the Yubo Community. We are a social platform that allows you to make new friends via live streaming and authentic interactions. All based upon your interests! Does that sound good? It’s only the beginning.

Yubo makes it easy to make friends, whether you’re in your community or around the globe. You can also chat live with other Yubo users and get social quickly. And it’s all free! Our Power Pack gives you additional advantages.


YOUTUBE STREAM – Share more moments with your friends while you listen and watch all your favorite content right from YouTube. You can stream and share your top vloggers, music videos, gaming content, or DIY videos.

LENSES: We are now able to offer you Lenses in partnership with Snapchat! To try the new filters, turn on your camera and join the video chat. You can share your new look with friends, or you can use them during live chat! Lenses add a little extra fun to friendship.


1) STREAM: We stream! You can create a live video chat and invite up to 10 of your friends. You can chat, sing, dance, share your day with friends, and send messages to them.

2) CHAT: Chat with new people and reconnect with old friends using the chat feature. Chat directly with the people you have added or in the live streams.

3) SWIPE – This function allows you to find people with similar interests from around the globe or nearby. To see if they share similar interests, check their tags. If they do, you can go live and have a conversation.

4) FIND A COMMUNITY: Art, theater, beauty, yoga, sports, music, dance, travel, manga, cinema or LGBTQ+? Yubo makes it easy to find and connect with friends online and other communities. This allows you to focus on building friendships.

PLAY: Play our game To be Honest and have fun! (Time to get real with this Q&A!) ), and guessing the pictures in our drawing quiz, Would You Rather?

Yubo allows you to chat online for free and have fun. You can choose to chat with friends that you just met, or invite your closest friends to the app. You can express yourself here! You can also subscribe to the Power Pack, which is an optional package.

Every month, we update with new features and live games.

Contact us via Instagram (@yubo_app).

If you need our help, don’t hesitate to visit our Help Center (https://support.yubo.live) or you can also contact us via Twitter (@AskYubo). Your feedback is important to us in order to improve Yubo!

Privacy Policy: https://yubo.live/legal/privacy
Terms of Service: https://yubo.live/legal/terms

Me: Did you hear about the Elite Pack?
Zarah: What’s that?
Me: It allows you to send messages to people you aren’t friends with yet.
Zarah: Cool. What else?
Me: You can see who viewed your profile, who you’ve swiped right on, and more.
Zarah: What if someone looks at my profile like 20 times.
Me: Then if you have the Elite Pack, it’ll say “This person viewed your profile 20 times” and you can message them and say “Um, do you wanna go friends or go live?”
Zarah: hahah! ok, that’s cool!

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