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Share All

Different Files and Apps; Share apps that meet all your transfer requirements. You can just share all types of files.

You don’t need to scan the QR Code

Ultimate transfer speed: Transfer speeds up to 45M/s faster than Bluetooth?Share Files (word, excel, zip), Folder ..), Share movies, share music, and share photos at any given time. File Manager: It’s faster to view and delete files. New UI: Send anywhere, easy to use

Faster to Share



No Network

Needed to Flash Transfer,Fax from your phone is free. ?

Just one tap to connect, no need to scan QR code

Connect in One Tap, no need to scan QR Code


Maximum speed is 40Mb/s. Enjoy fast transfer now, beyond Bluetooth transfer speed

Transfer Master


Extremely secure transfer

No need to worry about privacy leaks Secure and confidential telegrams

File Manager

One app makes it easy to view and delete files.

Interface for the new UI

New user experience for the transfer journey

Extremely secure transfer

No need to worry about privacy leaks Securely send files

All Android devices and file types supported

You can send large files and multiple files at once: images (PNG,JPG), videos musics (MP3), documents, pdf etc.


Ensure that both devices have XShare installed and then launch the app. Two steps to transfer the app: Select Files, then click “Send/Receive”. To connect to the Sender, the receiver must scan the QR Code. To send successfully, tap to connect! It’s pretty easy!

Share it now!

Notification: XShare collects location data when the app is being used. This information can be used to allow transfer connection. 1) Use BluetoothManager scanning to locate nearby devices 2) Create a wifi hotspot on the receiving end. To enable the connection between devices, 3) scan the QR code using the camera. XShare will not record or upload any location information in such situations. 4)accessibility service – XShare can automatically detect the APK downloaded and install the higher version directly if the user authorizes it. Privacy Policy: https://res.toolmatrix.plus/file/2021/01/1611044637388377.html

Improve the speed of transmission and build a more stable transfer environment.

How to install XShare - Transfer & Share all app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download XShare - Transfer & Share all from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.