WTF Detective: Mystery Cases

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The best free adventure game for 2020

We think you should play, or at least make your own. You can search for hidden clues in photorealistic hidden objects scenes to find the villain in each detective story. Each episode is a different criminal case and each episode is unique! Follow the storyline to find out who the real criminal is.

Hidden object levels are created by HOG enthusiasts.

Hidden object fans love finding scenes that have vivid colors and hide the items in a way that is true to life. We created a hidden object game that would be fun for all. Photo HOS can be viewed from different angles, including close-ups and landscape views. There are also indoor and outdoor locations that you can explore. The challenge of hidden object games is maintained by offering new and continuing players different game modes.

This puzzle collection will help you unlock the mysteries.

Puzzle time is perfectly interwoven with the detective storyline. Hidden object gameplay refers to the crime scene investigation. Logic minigames allow you to work with the evidence. You will feel like a detective when you solve jigsaw puzzles or word finder games to decipher the notes and secret files of the seeker. You can use sound to unlock the vault and uncover the secret truth. As you move on, run forensic analyses using more puzzles and arcade-mini-games.

Enjoy playing with your friends and exchanging gifts.

Without a partner, even Sherlock Holmes could not solve crimes. Why would you want to? You can invite your friends to join you in this exciting detective game. You can exchange energy for more puzzle and hidden object levels, earn bonus points, and win cash or in-game goods during weekly tournaments. You can also get extra coins and XP from adorable animal aids. Grab your friends who enjoy police dramas and join forces to solve criminal cases in this free hidden object adventure game! Are you enjoying WTF Detective? Find out more about WTF Detective! Facebook: Website: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Questions? Get in touch with our

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