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Wordpad is an easy-to-use word processing tool that’s free. Wordpad will format your document while you write. Wordpad allows you to quickly add notes, tasks, and lists of inspirations.

Wordpad is a word processor and writing app that can be used by any writer, student, journalist, columnist or blogger. Wordpad lets you move with your office.

You can write in wordpad, and your document will be saved as a pdf or txt file by clicking one button. To print your document, or note, you can use the direct printing feature.

Wordpad Features:

You can create unlimited documents and notes with no hassle
Simply click to share your PDF document.
Using the built-in offline OCR engine, you can extract text from images.
One click to Undo and Redo
– Alignment Support
Bullets and Numbering Support
A Wide Range of Styling and Formatting
– Add your favorites document in a separate list.
Deep Search Support allows you to find your document using just one word.
– Powerful Reader Mode to enjoy your notes
Free Text to Speech Engine with Speed and Pitch Control
Print with one click (Pro).
– Change Font Size
Pro – Font Color Adjustment
Use 15+ styling tools to format your notes
Direct Export to *.pdf File
– Export/Direct Save to *.txt File

Wordpad app was built in India with love and will receive major updates. Keep checking back.

Set Text Color (Pro), Set Text Size, Superscript and subscript formatting, Insert Indent and Outdent, Autosave, Show/Hide Editor Tools, Landscape Support, Export as plain text (.txt), Direct Print Feature (Pro), Export button relocated, German translation added, Extra section added, Delete button added in note viewing screen, New Export button in note viewing screen, Favorite Notes shifted to Extra section, Pro Version upgrade available

How to install Wordpad app?

Option 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Option 2:

Tap "Install" to download Wordpad from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.