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Voice Recorder is your daily companion for recording important moments. It can be used to record audio for interviews, classes, meetings, and presentations. You can also use it as a voice recorder, song recording, or personal note-taking tool.

It also features a fast and simple audio editor that can quickly remove any unwanted parts from the recorded recording.

Voice Recorder allows you to clearly record the teaching voice of any teacher, no matter where you are in the classroom. These recordings can be listened to multiple times. You can also speed up or down the playback speed and listen at a more comfortable pace to gain better understanding.

For employees:
Voice Recorder allows you to record conference voice at any time. This will ensure that you don’t lose important information. Voice Recorder allows you to manage your recordings. You can add tags to your recordings for easy documenting your work, making notes, and marking important content.

For musicians
Voice Recorder allows you to record high-quality vocals, as well as instruments. This is great for recording rehearsals or capturing quick melodies. You can quickly try out new ideas, listen to the results and adjust based on them.

For everyone:
Voice Recorder allows you to capture inspiration and record all the sounds in your daily life. Mark up recordings and make edits during the review process.

– A simple and elegant interface that makes it easy to record audio
– Microphone calibration and recording to high quality audio
Recording time is unlimited, storage space only.
Recordings can be added to at any moment with markers
– Background recording, recording when your screen is off
– Supports many recording formats
– Save/Pause/Resume/Cancel recording process control
– Easy recording and sharing.
Edit mode: Trim recordings and remove any unwanted parts
– Noise suppression, echo cancellation
Recording is as easy as one click. You can also use shortcuts and widgets to quickly create new recordings.
– Use the ringtone as your ringtone
– Upload recordings directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.
– Record using a bluetooth microphone

The phone:
For privacy and legal reasons, some manufacturers restrict the ability to record telephone calls. Voice Recorder cannot record calls from most cell phones and is not intended to record calls.

Terms of Use:

Privacy Policy

App permissions
* Photos/Media/Files: Save the recording to your storage.
* Microphone – Record audio with your microphone

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✓ Optimized for echo cancellation
✓ Add more audio editing functions
✓ Optimized noise suppression
✓ Add more recording settings options
✓ Optimized for vocal enhancement
✓ Increased reliability
✓ Optimized user experience
✓ Compatible with all Android devices

How to install Voice Recorder - Audio Editor app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Voice Recorder - Audio Editor from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.