Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients for immunity

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Because they play hundreds of different roles in the body, vitamins, supplements and nutrients are vital nutrients.
This dictionary contains information and advice on vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that are essential for your health.
What they do
How much do you really need?
What happens when you have too many?
Safety advice regarding supplements

The main features
– Offline – The device works offline and requires no internet connection.
Detailed descriptions of all major Vitamins & Minerals;
– Equipped With Quick Dynamic Search Function – The dictionary will search for words as you type.
– Voice search
Share with friends – It’s easy!
Bookmark – You can bookmark Disease Terms to your favorites by clicking the “star” icon.
Managing Bookmarks Lists – You can edit or delete your bookmark lists.

- Added new descriptions;
- The database has been expanded;
- Improved performance;
- Fixed bugs.

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