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It’s better to be with someone who thinks and eats the same as you. It is possible to share meals together in peace, have fun, and agree on important issues such as protecting the environment, saving animals, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We believe that relationships with non-vegetarians can often run into obstacles that can be overcome if they are matched with the right vegetarian. Are you tired of having to explain your meat source or the reasons fish and cows are living creatures just like dogs when you meet someone at a restaurant? Perhaps you just want to make friends with like-minded people and have fun talking or exchanging vegan recipes. Veggly is for you! Meet, chat and match with vegans and vegetarians near you!

What is Veggly?

You can find single vegan or vegetarian people in your area to date. Mark the ones you like (or hide them). Have real conversations with vegetables you have matched with via text or audio messages. We hope that you will meet your veg soulmate or some good friends. You can also create a profile with authentic photos and tell others how you changed your life. and gender identities

A few testimonials

“Our story began when we both started scrolling through Veggly. We both realized how small the vegan dating market is and that we didn’t anticipate things turning out so well. It’s great to find someone vegan, but it takes more to love and build a relationship. We realized from the first time we spoke how much we had in common and what shared interests we had.” – Charity and Joe, both from the UK and Holland. “I have never had good experiences with dating apps but decided to give Veggly another chance. Veggly was designed for vegetarians and vegans, so it stood out among the rest. It was far better than I could have imagined. It was a great experience to discover that at least one of my core values is shared with everyone on the app. This is more than most other apps have. Veggly is where I met my boyfriend. I owe them a lot for allowing us to meet and for allowing me to fall madly in love with him. Veggly is a great app for vegans, vegetarians, and plant-based people. Everybody needs food to survive and dating is much more enjoyable when people can agree on what they need to do each day.” – Victoria from Canada. “I have been a member of Veggly since its inception and I even met my current partner through it! We connected immediately. We chatted for over a month and had video dates. He was driving across the country in my self-converted van. We traveled together for 5 weeks. Crazy story, but I believe that it only happened because of this app.” – UX Designer from San Fran. “When I stopped eating meat, I didn’t know any veg people I could ask questions to. I downloaded Veggly to chat with a veg nutritionist and search for a referral (yes, that was my goal hahaha). I met a guy living 4 blocks away from me, and we began talking. We have been together almost a whole year! Because of my prejudices, I didn’t think I would find someone I liked on a dating app. But I am now dating a lovely vegan man! The tip of the day? Download Veggly! There are many people you can chat with, even if “the one” is not your match. For premium users, you can get a free monthly Super Likes and Teleportation to any other city around the world. See who liked your profile. Read confirmation. Good karma for helping the community.

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