Vegetarian and vegan recipes

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Are you looking for vegan and vegetarian recipes? Fast, delicious, Italian veggie food? It’s here!
VegMenu allows you to make many veg dishes. You can cook the most delicious and healthy dishes from Italy in a vegetarian or vegan version.

This cookbook contains recipes for appetizers, main courses, sides, desserts, and cakes.
You can find healthy recipes to suit any diet, whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or omnivore.

VegMenu allows you to:
Free access to hundreds of vegan and vegetarian recipes
* Many recipes for Italian cooking can be prepared in vegetarian or vegan versions.
* Select the quantity of portions to be calculated automatically by VegMenu
* Step-by-step guidance in the preparation of the recipe
To help you stay in shape, check out the nutritional information and calories for each recipe!
* Menus for Christmas, New Year’s, Carnival, Easter and Halloween are available.
* Purchase ingredients and place them in a shopping basket
Use a spaghetti spoon to respect portions
* Spaghetti doser should always respect portions
A guide to in-season fruits and vegetables will help you eat healthy and inexpensively.
* Convert grams to ounces, milliliters into liquid ounces, and Celsius to Fahrenheit with this handy measurement converter
* You can search by color recipes to find the perfect recipe for any occasion, such as a romantic dinner for your spouse or iron constitution.
* Find recipes that don’t contain gluten, lactose, or eggs.

A diet that is based on plant foods would be:
* Ethical because it respects animals.
* Eco-sustainable because it respects nature
* Health, as it promotes well-being for your body and mind.
Many diseases can be prevented by a vegetarian or vegan diet, including cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis.

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