Veganized – Vegan Recipes, Nutrition, Grocery List

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Vegan recipes for beginners and experts. This complete guide will help you keep track of and understand how much nutrition you eat each day.

Vegans can shop for groceries easily. To help you shop for the right products, plan your meals and create grocery lists.

You can share all of your knowledge about veganism with the rest. You can share your recipes, experiences, and comments or engage in conversations with other users.

Veganized is a recipe platform that specializes in vegan food. It features tons of recipes, and each user can share and create his own recipe. We provide a platform that allows you to socially network about vegan recipes and veganism.

You can also prove to non-vegan friends and family that vegan meals can provide the same nutrition intake as other regular meals. You can use the Nutrients function to view all information about each vegan recipe, including energy, macronutrients distribution and fibers. This information is available for all vegan recipes and each recipe. This information is automatically calculated based on the ingredients selected when a user creates vegan recipes.
Users can comment on the recipes, give their opinions and share their experiences with other users. Veganized allows you to share vegan recipes with your friends and spread the word about veganism. Veganized lets you promote your own blog or social media page.

Veganized lets you plan your meals for every day of the year. You can track your daily nutrient intake to compare it with your recommended intake. This is based on your gender, age, size, weight, and level of physical activity. The recommended distribution of macronutrients can be compared to your own. This planning function is great for people who are new to veganism or vegan food.

Shopping List
You can make as many shopping lists as you like and then add your meals to it. Veganized updates your shopping list automatically and lists all ingredients that are needed. You can track the ingredients that have been purchased and those that are missing. This feature allows you to easily plan your shopping list, and ensure that nothing is left out.

Make your own recipes
Veganized offers more than 300 vegan ingredients. They are constantly updating and adding new ones to the site. You can request the ingredient you are missing at any time. You can read the comments and opinions posted by other users and see the nutritional intake for your own recipes.

Veganized is a non-profit organization that promotes a vegan lifestyle through responsible cooking of 100% vegetable dishes. All recipes can be found in English, French and German as well as Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Portuguese, Spanish, and German. All recipes are automatically translated into other languages by users. Be happy, be responsible, and be vegan.

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