Upland- Real Estate Simulator

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Upland – Virtual Property Strategy game Real WorldMetaverse – Play, Build, and Sell. Start a Virtual Business on Blockchain Join the brand-new idle virtual property strategy game. It is mapped to real world addresses and rapidly becoming the most dynamic and largest metaverse economy. This virtual property game is mapped to real world addresses in the metaverse. You can buy, build, and sell your house. Create a virtual company and earn real-world value. Build your dream home in the metaverse. Idle play to earn UPX coins. Idle allows you to earn while playing this Virtual Property Strategy game. Earn rewards and UPX by running a virtual business. You can collect, trade, trade and sell virtual properties that are mapped to the real-world. Special rewards include participating in daily treasure hunts and winning live events. Are you ready to connect with the largest, most active metaverse player community mapped to real world? ExplorePlay. Build. Connect. Earn. Register with Upland today!

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