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Play Services Update

Helps to locate the latest date and install it.

Google play services

This can also be used to update your play services. A Message

Google Play Services has stopped working

This is a common problem on Android tablets and phones. This error message began appearing for Android users.

Google Play Services version 1.0 installed

. This could be due to a bug at Google. A fix might be available soon. There are many reasons why the “Google Play Services has stopped” error may occur. We have several ways to fix the “Google play services has stopped” error if it is just starting to appear for you. Let’s find out which one works for your Android device.

How to fix “Google Play Services has stopped” Error

Try the following tips and solutions one at a time to see which one is most effective for your Android tablet or phone. Here are some things you can try to find the solution: 1.

Google Play Services Update

This issue is caused in part by Google Play Services. Make sure that you have the latest version. The latest version of Google Play Services APK can be downloaded from this page: Google Play Services (All Versions). An error may occur if you are using an outdated version of Android or if the version you have has a conflict/bug that is not compatible with the current Android version. 2.

Clear app cache

Clear the Google Play Services cache The Google Play Services app on your phone acts as a framework for all Google and Google Play apps. Try clearing its cache to see if it fixes the problem. This was done with one of our team members. These are the steps: Click Settings > Apps. Scroll down to “Google Play Services”, then scroll to “All apps”. Tap on the “Force Stop” button to open the app details. Next, click on the “Clear cache”. 3.

Clear cache to Google Services Framework

Clear the Google Services Framework cache. Your Android phone’s Google Services Framework app stores information. It helps you sync your phone with Google servers. This also keeps your Google Play Services running. This could be the reason why the app is not connecting to Google servers and you keep getting an error message. These are the quick steps: Click Settings > Apps. Scroll down to “Google Services Framework”, then scroll to “All apps”. Tap on the “Force Stop” button to open the app details. Next, click on the “Clear cache”. You can also find other problems with play services below. Insufficient memory space makes it difficult to install new apps. – See device information including device name, model no, resolution etc. Functionality and Features – Update play services. – Play services is not working. – Update play services and date of release. – Uninstall the update for play services. Play services overview. – The Play store has stopped working. *Note: While we aren’t able to access user data or user’s device information, we can show this information to users in a quick manner. This app is not associated with Google LLC.

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How to install Update Play Services - Info & app?

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