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UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.
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UC Browser Turbo 2020, a new app by UC Browser Team. It’s a web browser that is fast, easy, secure, and data-saving for Android phones.

UC Turbo brings you fast video download, mini ads block, data saver, free cloud acceleration(powerful as VPN), share files to whatsapp, easy to search, private & safe browsing, video playing in background, watch cricket matches offline, pesonalized wall picture HD, multi-language and homepage customizable to optimize your using experience.

Main features

# Minimalist Design # Cloud Acceleration # Privacy # Data Saving # Powerful Tools Kit # Safe Browsing # Video in Background # Home Page Customizable # Night Mode # Personal Wallpaper HD # Multi-language Support

Minimalist Design

Simple but effective design ensures a simple browsing experience that is easy to use.

Rapid Video Download

Our servers increase download speed and stabilize them. Your download speed can be greatly improved by setting high download threads.

Cloud Acceleration Free

Cloud acceleration is free and allows you to visit websites and view videos anywhere in the world.

Private Space

Users can hide files or videos downloaded from the internet and encrypt them with a password to create a private space.

Data Saving

UC Browser Turbo allows you to use less mobile data and control your data plan. UC Turbo saves 90% of your data, whether you are browsing or downloading.

Useful Tools Kit

You can access a variety of tools, including status downloader, network speed testing, and image search, by simply opening UC Turbo.

Toolbar: Switch tab

This is a unique feature that can help you save time and make browsing easier. You can switch tabs quickly by moving your finger over the toolbar. You can now open and delete options!

Secure Browsing

You can browse anonymously in Incognito mode. This mode will not record your browsing history.

Ad Block

Ad Block functions blocks various forms of ads that can affect your browsing experience. You can also mark them manually to prevent ads from appearing in the future.

Background video playing

It supports one-tab to play background videos, even incognito mode. It allows you to listen to your videos while you are doing other things.

Personalized Wallpaper HD

You can set your favourite photos as wallpapers on your phone and then share them to your social media accounts in a single click.

You can customize your homepage

Your homepage can be chosen by you. You can add your favourite sites to the homepage using Bookmarks (add them to Bookmarks first), and delete all existing sites to create a blank homepage. You can also upload your own image to make it unique as wallpaper. You can do whatever you want.

You can watch the video online

You can download your favorite videos ahead of time so you can view them wherever you are, whenever you want, and even without a network.

Multilingual Support

Multi-language customization made for you. To achieve barrier-free browsing, choose the language that best suits you.

Night Mode

Night mode is easier on the eyes and allows you to browse at night more comfortably. Please visit the Feedback pages in Settings for help and feedback. We are grateful. More about UC Turbo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UC-Turbo-100571184627491/ Official Website: https://turbo.ucweb.com

1. Fix bugs that log-in sometimes doesn't work.
2. Several other bug fixes.

How to install UC Browser Turbo- Fast Download, Secure, Ad Block app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download UC Browser Turbo- Fast Download, Secure, Ad Block from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.