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Resideo Technologies Inc.
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Total Connect Comfort allows users to remotely manage and monitor their heating and security systems from any location. Total Connect Comfort can be used with the following security and thermostat solutions:

– The evohome thermostat system
– A single zone thermostat that is used in conjunction with an Internet gateway
– The European voice controlled thermostat
– The Wi Fi Smart thermostat (available only in select countries)
– Evohome Security
Sucrebox Security

The Total Connect Comfort app allows users to:
– Set the indoor temperature and view it.
– View and modify the program’s time period
– Select solutions – Quickly view and take action
– Set the operating mode of your system (on certain solutions)
– Set the fan’s operating mode (for selected solutions only)
View a 5-Day Weather Forecast
If more than one system has been registered, you can access multiple locations
Before purchasing a thermostat, you can use the Demo Mode.
Upgrade automatically to new features as soon as they become available
– You can turn on or off email notifications regarding the system’s connectivity status

Users can use the Total Connect Comfort app in conjunction with an Evohome security system or SucreBox security systems to:
– Arm, disarm, or partially arm their security systems
– Capture photos of an alarm trigger that is either manual or automatic
Get alarm notifications by SMS or email
– Check out the alarm system activity feed
Upgrade automatically to new features as soon as they become available

Download the app to learn more about the solutions and their functionalities. You can also take a tour with the demo mode.

How to install Total Connect Comfort Intl app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Total Connect Comfort Intl from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.