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uTorrent is the top Android torrents downloader on the Google Play Store, with more than 100 million downloads.

uTorrent can download files at lightning speeds by using BitTorrent’s hyper distribution communications protocol for peer to peer file sharing (“P2P “”).”). Multi threading via seeding and splitting the downloadable file in multiple parts makes it easier to download music, movies, and video files much faster.

uTorrent is the official BitTorrent Android torrent downloading program. Get the best torrent download experience, with no size or speed limits.

Our torrent download technology is fast, lightweight, and powerful. We developed uTorrent downloader around your mobile download needs.

Top Features
Beautifully simple, light design
Download files straight to your smartphone/tablet
You can easily share files and torrents from your smartphone/tablet
There are no download speed or torrent download size limitations
Integrated music and video players offer better music listening and video viewing experiences.
Translations in Pusskii and Espanol.
BitTorrent Now: Get music, movies and videos for free from our licensed content partners

Neue Users
When searching for torrents online, look out for magnet links. Click on them to get more information.
Did you download more than one torrent music file? You can play them all together as a playlist
To reduce your storage footprint, select files you want to download from a torrent
We recommend torrenting and seeding on Wifi only mode to get the best performance possible and not incur data charges for mobile movie and music downloads.

Advanced Features
Mobile data can be saved by using Wi-Fi only mode
Choose your file download location
Download torrents and magnet links
You can choose between deleting torrents alone or torrents and files.

Visit this page: http://help.utorrent.com/

Assistance & Support
Visit the uTorrent forum at https://forum.utorrent.com/forum/1-utorrent-for-windows/

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Get in touch
We value your feedback and suggestions. Please email us directly at utandroid@bittorrent.com if you have any problems or requests.

This video was created by the uTorrent mobile staff
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