Time Vortex Watch Face

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Smart Art Studios
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Time Vortex is a Futuristic Interactive Watch Face for Wear OS smartwatches, and Clock Live Wallpaper For Phones.

Interactive tap features on the watch face are customizable to make it more informative. These include Stopwatch, Weather, Steps data and App Shortcuts.

Time Vortex Watch Face is compatible with Wear OS 3.0 watches, including the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series.

Important: Not compatible with Samsung Smart Watches using Tizen OS such as Samsung S2/S3/Watch On Tizen OS, Huawei Watch GT/GT2, Xiaomi Amazfit GTS and other watches.

Android Wear 3.0 integrate Features

* Support for external complications. Completely standalone. * Compatible with Android and iPhone

Tap Features

(*Available only in Premium Version) Click on


Use Touch to change the color of your Watch face. Tap on


Watch face Interactive Stop watch. Tap on


You will find the Watch Face right bezel (can be adjusted through watch face setting). Tap on


To manually increase your heart rate Tap on


Agenda App can be viewed on the Watch Face. Tap on


Watch Face main to access 4 day Weather Forecast and other Weather Information. Tap on


To get Google Fit Data.

No cost:

* Unique Style Futuristic Animated Watch Face. Fully supported by Android Wear 3.0. * A stand-alone watch face that can be used with both Android and iPhone users. * Choose Your Style Colors * Current day weather forecast * Weather unit * Animation in Ambient Mode On/Off * Leading zero * Smooth Seconds. * Digital Clock with 24 Hours * Black Ambient Mode. * Battery information for your phone and watch. * Clock Live Wallpaper. * Screen Awake Option.

Premium Version Features:

* All features available in the FREE version * Automatic Heart Rate Monitoring. (Change color if your heart rate exceeds 100 BPM to warn. * Wear OS 3.0 external Android wear. Hourly Chime Sound effect, and Vibration every hour. Touch Vibration and Touch Sound Effect. Unique Clock Live Wallpapers for Smartphones Wallpaper Storage and Information about the Phone Ram. * Choose Your Style Colors You can choose from 10 pre-defined watch face colors. 2 in 1 Watch Face. Full or minimal watch face options. Full Accuracy Pedometer and Google Fit Integration. * Distance covered information. * Information on calories burned. Interactive Stopwatch for sporting activity. * Full Colorful, Black and White Ambient Modes. * Forecast and Weather Information for the Next 4 Days, including High/Low Temperature, Sunset/Sunrise information, Weather Info, and Weather Information. * Manual or GPS Weather Location. * App shortcuts for both sides of the watch face. * Android 12 Style Watch Face Setting App with Live Preview.


Wear OS 1.X

* The watch face will automatically be installed from the paired phone. If the watch face doesn’t appear, please visit the Wear OS App > Settings to Resync all applications.

Wear OS 2.X

Watch Face Play Store will open automatically after mobile app installation. Click “Install” and the process of installing the watch face will begin. To open the watch Play Store, tap the tiny watch icon at the top of the phone app. You can also search for watch faces on Google Play Store.

How to Use

1. Changes are possible

Custom App Shortcuts

From the Phone App 2. You can enable or disable

Vibration and sound effects

Companion app 3. Please enable

“GPS” or “Location”

Get Weather Information by Phone Select

Manual Weather Location

Companion App Settings 5. Click on


Click here to apply live wallpaper !! If you are having trouble using the app, please contact us! [email protected] Stay tuned for more watch faces to come!

V. 1.04
❖ Fix preview issue in Phone app settings on Tablets.
❖ Some Battery optimizations.
❖ Fix some other minor bugs.

V. 1.03
❖ Fix small bug where users don't get premium version on watch.
❖ Fix some other minor bug.

V. 1.02
❖ Fix Google fit enable bug.(Google fit enable switch was not working)

How to install Time Vortex Watch Face app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Time Vortex Watch Face from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.