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The entire city is under attack by dangerous zombies! The entire city is at risk!
You are awakened by the trials of dreams and you have no choice but take on the heroic task of saving the city.
You are a human warrior with endless potential. Your survivors will need to grab their weapons and fight these dangerous zombies.
You are far more popular than the horde. Any mistake and you will be in serious trouble!
You must be able to cope with crisis!

Face off against over 1000 monsters and destroy them all at once!
-Clear the map using one-hand controls
All-new Roguelite skills experience with endless combinations
-Sensitize to the energy of each stage, with its different challenges
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- Added 10 new chapters and their challenge chapters
- All-new Daily Challenge feature
- Newly added Tech Parts feature
- All-new talent: Metabolism Boost
- Newly added equipment quality-down feature
- Newly added Daily Sign-in and Rookie Reporting events
- The Autumn Leaves event is about to begin!
- Optimizations: Added joystick toggle and in-battle VFX reduction toggle
- Fixed known bugs

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