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Stylish Name Maker allows you to create beautiful and unique name cards. Instantly turn your name into a name card.

You don’t have to create art from scratch. Simply type your name and any other text, and we will handle all the work. You have a wide range of great designs to choose from. It couldn’t have been easier.

Are you tired of creating the same design over and over again? We have the answer. You can choose from a variety of designer cards and quote designer art for almost any occasion. Just 2 steps to share your thoughts with others
Select the design that you like and click “Share” to share it.

You can express your emotions by sending name cards to your loved ones.

Simply enter your name or other text and you’ll get your name in different styles. You can choose from different background frames, colors filters, love stickers, strokes, and heart shapes.

Stylish Name Maker is an app that creates stylish name cards by using different calligraphic fonts, stickers, feathers, love quotes, messages, and name tags. There are many beautiful designs to choose from. You can also use the paint and magic brush to create your own name or nickname with fingertip art.

This is how the Stylish Name Maker app works
Enter your name or text and you’ll get your name in different styles.
* You can edit the name art to make changes.
* Select the design that you like and share it with your friends via social media.
* Use these trendy name art images for your profile pic or display picture on social media.

Stylish Name Maker is the app for you if you are expecting a baby girl or boy, and want to create creative and stylish name art. Simply enter your baby boy or girl’s name, and the app will decorate it in fantasy style using stickers such as hearts, balloons and feathers. You can then share it with your friends and social media.

You can decorate your name card / greeting card with incredible things such as Magic Brush, Heart Shapes and Feathers. Stickers & Paint Brush are also available.

The magic brush creates sparkling textures and prints that will look amazing on any photo or text. This tool allows you to be creative and create art that stands out.
There are many heart shapes to suit different moods. Feel free to share your feelings with these shapes.
There are many colors of feathers that can be used to enhance the look and feel. You can pick any color to make your card more attractive and beautiful.

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How to install Stylish Name Maker and Quote app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

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