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Straight Talk
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This app is free and allows you to call international numbers or stored contacts directly without having to dial access numbers.

How it works
You can save the international destination as contact, and then select the contact from the app to make the phone call. You can also dial the international number 011 (country code + citycode + phone number) within the app.
– Save contacts in the following format: 011+country + city code+ telephone number or use the +1.
Straight Talk customers who have active service can download this application. Sometimes, Android OS systems have to be updated before applications are updated. Please be patient if you have just updated your OS. A new update will soon be available.

* You don’t need to dial an access phone number.
* International calls are instantly connected Calls can be made from the application.
* Excellent call quality.
* Contacts can be easily added – Simply select a contact with an international number saved and the application will connect you in seconds.

Unlimited* International** 30 Day Calling Plan: Unlimited* National coverage and Unlimited International** Calls from the US to cellular phone in Mexico, Canada China, India, China, India, plus more than 1,000 landline destinations. You can check whether your destination is available by texting the COUNTRY CODE + CITYCODE + PHONE NUMBER (47787). Standard text message rates apply.
Global Card $10 – Covers all destinations worldwide, including mobile phones. This International Calling Card can be added to any Straight Talk Service Plan for greater flexibility. is a great place to start your journey.

*30 day unlimited plans include 3GB of high-speed data per 30 day cycle. Your data speed will drop to 64 kbps after 3GB. Your data speed can be reduced and may affect the functionality of certain data applications such as streaming audio, video, or web browsing. There are some restrictions. Straight Talk reserves all rights to end your service if you use it in an unacceptable manner. Plans, features, coverage, and limitations can vary. has the most current Terms and Conditions of Service.
** Each account can dial up to 21 international numbers per 30 day plan cycle. This resets every time a new plan is purchased. Unlimited international calls can be made to select cellular and landline numbers only. These numbers are subject to change at anytime. All calls must originate in the USA. International roaming is not allowed. Only for personal use. Additional terms and conditions may apply. has the most current Terms and Conditions of Services.

Dialer Update +1
Bug & Error Fixes

How to install Straight Talk International app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Straight Talk International from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.