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Simple Mobile Tools
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The modern, stylish calculator is easy to use and will be a great addition to your life. By pressing the long-press button, you can easily copy or paste the formula to your clipboard. This calculator can be used as a currency convertor to calculate your daily income or any other amount in a different currency. It is easy to see buttons and numbers with the dark theme that soothes your eyes. This calculator can also be used to calculate mortgages.

This app can be used to perform basic calculations such as multiplying, dividing and rooting. This app also features a dark theme that allows you to make your calculator more intuitive and smoother than other calculators.

To make your inputs more confident, you can make the app vibrate by pressing a button. This app’s beautiful colors are easy to see and distinguish from each button. This calculator can solve complex root problems, or be used as a currency converter or graphing tool.

You can set the phone to sleep while you use the app.

You can customize the text color as well as the background color and alpha color. To open the app, press the formula or result button in the widget.

To quickly scan through the most recent calculations, you can access a history.

It has a dark theme as default and comes in a material design. This makes it easy to use. It is more secure, private, and stable than other apps due to the lack of internet access.

It does not contain ads or require permissions. It is completely open-source and can be customized with colors.

Calculator is easy to use
– History of operations.
– Includes dark theme for smooth use of the calculator.
– Uses a currency converter to calculate your income and other amounts.
You can customize the text color to make it more appealing and to suit your needs.
To make it easier to calculate, buttons are sized to correspond to the average finger tap on screen.

You can find the complete suite of Simple Tools here.




Added some translation and UX improvements

How to install Simple Calculator app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

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Tap "Install" to download Simple Calculator from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.