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Simple Alarm is an alarm clock app that can be used to create, modify and delete alarms in the most intuitive way. Simple Alarm Clock can be used to set reminders or wake you up each morning. Simple Alarm has the advantage of allowing you to type in your alarm time directly, rather than using a selector or pressing arrows. Simply press the buttons to set the hour and minute of your alarm in the numeric keyboard. That’s all there is to it! It’s easy to edit and remove alarms, which is a huge time saver when setting up alarms. Simple Alarm organizes your alarms in the same order that they sound, unlike other Android alarm clocks. This makes it easy to identify the tasks you need to complete next, if Simple Alarm is used as a To Do list. Simple Alarm Clock will gently wake you up from your sleep. It increases the alarm volume gradually instead of going to maximum volume. You won’t be disturbed by a loud noise while deep asleep. The deactivation button on Simple Alarm (optional) prevents you from turning off the alarm accidentally and going to sleep. To press the 3 buttons, you must be awake. You can also snooze your alarm by pressing the one-button Snooze. Simple Alarm Clock allows you to customize the sound of your alarm (you can choose any ringtone, sound, or song from your phone), and the pause time between alarms. You can choose which days you wish to set the alarm so that the alarm will sound on the selected days each week. Simple Alarm is the best Android alarm clock and is far superior to Android’s default.

Simple Alarm Clock Features

* The fastest setup. One touch alarm enabling/disabling. * You can set a message for each alarm. * Set alarms in AM/PM format or 24 hours format. * Repeat alarms each week on specific days. * Smart alarm suggestions that are based on previous alarms. This ensures you don’t forget to get to work or school. * Choose the alarm sound that you like from all of your phone’s ringtones and songs. Enjoy your favorite music as you wake up! * Customize Snooze duration. Optional: 3 buttons alarm deactivation to prevent alarm from going off. * 1 button alarm to snooze * The volume and vibration of the alarm gradually increases, so you can wake up slowly. To help heavy sleepers, the alarm will get louder after a while. The default sound has been adjusted to be as loud as possible. * Available in English and Spanish. * Exclusive design for tablets and large cellphones * It’s completely free!

* Several reliability improvements and fixes.
* Suggested texts in quick alarms.

How to install Simple Alarm Clock app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Simple Alarm Clock from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.