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Stop receiving unsolicited calls forever. You can do it safely and completely free. Are you tired of being telemarketed, phone scams, or “just” uninvited surveys? All such calls can be gotten rid of using the Should I Answer app.

How does this app work?

The app instantly checks the database for unknown numbers that call it whenever they call. It will warn you if it discovers that the number has been reported as nuisance by other users. If you prefer, it can also block the caller from reaching you. It’s just the Should I Answer app database that is unique. It is created directly by users: users can anonymously rate each unknown call as safe or spam. Once the admins approve the report, it is visible in the database so that all users can access it.

What can the app do?

* It protects you against unsolicited calls. You can adjust the level of protection to suit your needs, from an alert to unsolicited calls to blocking. * It can block hidden, premium rate or foreign numbers. You can also create your own list of blocked and allowed numbers. * You can use the app as a fully functional dialer: it will show you all of your contacts, favourite contacts and call history. * The app protects you offline. It waits for you to connect to the internet if you want to update your local database. It’s so easy that even your grandma could use it.

How does this app handle your personal data?

All of this happens directly on your phone. Your data is never shared with any third party. The app cannot see your phone number and all reports are anonymous. It doesn’t even send your Contacts.

More information?

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How to install Should I Answer? app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Should I Answer? from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.