Shadow Fight 2

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This sequel to the hit Facebook page has 40 million users.

Shadow Fight 2 is a thrilling mix of RPGs and classic Fighting. You can equip your character with many deadly weapons and rare armor sets. There are also dozens of animated Martial Arts techniques. You can crush your enemies and humiliate demon bosses to be the Gate of Shadows’s final defender. Are you able to punch, kick, jump, and slash your path to victory? Only one way to find the answer is by trying.

– Take a plunge into epic combat sequences rendered in stunningly lifelike detail by an
All-new animation system.

Enjoy a new interface that makes it easy to control your enemies.
Interface for fighting touchscreens

– Join the “Underworld” to fight fearsome bosses with your friends!

This action-packed adventure takes you through six worlds filled with menacing demons.
A packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG featuring an engaging, compelling storyline.

You can customize your fighter with powerful swords, nunchacku and armor suits.

Shadow Fight 2. Let the battle begin!

* A mysterious stranger invades the world of Shadow Fight 2 to assure our heroes that he's their maker, and all the adventures they've experienced so far are nothing more than a figment of a spoiled mind.
* New event for Halloween!
* New boss. Be sure to fight him before the end of the event!
* New Battle Pass. Complete daily tasks, earn points in the event raid, and get rewards!
* Window displaying mythical enchantment set changed.
* Effect from Karcer's ability fixed.
* Technical fixes.

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