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Session is a private messaging service that offers anonymity, security, and privacy. Session offers end-to-end encryption and no sign-up phone numbers. It also allows for decentralisation. This messenger will keep your messages safe and private.

Session relies on a strong decentralised network server network to route your messages. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone else to sell or leak your data. Your messages will remain anonymous thanks to Session’s private routing protocols. Nobody knows your IP address, who you are talking to, what message you’re sending, or the identity of the person you’re speaking to.

When you use Session, privacy is your default. Every message you send is encrypted. Session is a secure, private way to chat with family and friends.

* Completely anonymous account creation: A Session ID can be created using either a phone number or an email address.
* A decentralised server network: No data breach, no central point for failure
* No metadata logging: Sessions doesn’t track, store, or log your messaging metadata
* IP address protection: Your IP is protected by a specialised onion routing protocol
* Closed groups: Encrypted group chats up to 100 persons in private, encrypted sessions
* Secure attachments: Use Session’s encryption and privacy protections to share voice snippets and photos.
* Open-source and free: Session’s code is available for you to review.

Session is as free as free speech, as free beer and as free from ads and trackers as possible. The OPTF is Australia’s first privacy technology not-for profit organization. Session was built and maintained by them. Download Session today to take back your online privacy.

You can build from source, report bugs, or simply take a look at our code. Check out Session on GitHub:

- Added support for "ID Blinding" within Open Groups to help protect users
- Made a number of minor bug fixes

How to install Session - Private Messenger app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Session - Private Messenger from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.