School Party Craft

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Candy Room Games & RabbitCo
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Our game is currently in active development, dear players! We need your suggestions and wishes for the next update.

School Party is a life simulation for teenagers and schoolchildren.
You can find many nice girls and boys in a large city.
Not only do you have to shop, but you also need to meet cool people and ride the coolest cars.
You have many options in this city: you can build houses, buy blocks, furniture, and even doors. This is only the beginning of an exciting adventure.
Look trendy and fashionable – wear your best clothes, dress up, and go for a walk around the city, or swim in the pool.

Building and crafting:
There are many beautiful mansions that have large lots where you can build the house of your dreams.
Large selection of blocks suitable for decoration and construction.
There are hundreds of options for furniture: tables, chairs, sofas, beds, wardrobes, and more.
The design of your home will be completed by doors, houseplants, and chandeliers.

Relationship between players
You are not the only one in the city, so don’t panic.
You will find thousands of people around the city who are willing to communicate with you, be friends, go out for a walk, visit a park or restaurant, ride supercars together, and even hang out at a club.
If you like the character add him to your phone book and contact him anytime via SMS

A large selection of paintball guns:
Miniguns, Pistols and Assault Rifles, as well as exclusive Dinoguns, Bazookasharks and other products.
All of this produces colored bullets using paints.
Take out the hooligans that took your coins, and they’ll return them to you.

Places to visit:
– Market (furniture blocks, doors and skins, paintball guns, furniture, blocks, doors, skins, and skins)
– Disco (order music by DJs and dance with friends).
Large park
– Sun loungers and beach at the seaside
Restaurant and cinema
– School and bank
– Car dealership and gas station
– City pool

The game features:
Driving cars
Mini-games: Barman in the Disco (2nd Floor), Barman in The Restaurant (1st Floor), Game of Smiles
– Chests filled with coins and other bonuses
– Airfare and ship cruise
– Swimming at the beach or in the pools
Beautiful animation of characters
– The First and Third Person Cameras
Interactive furniture: Sit, Sleep, etc.
– Weather and day changes
– Simple and intuitive controls
– Optimizing for weak devices (with 1 GB RAM)
– You can customize the buttons and gameplay to your liking

In the fantasy world of fairy tales, create your own pixel interior.
Enjoy your game.

Big update!
- Chat Added
- Added Pets (cats and dogs)
- Added Clothes (so far as a demo)
- Added Food and the eating ability
- Dynamic Weather
- Living City
- Players drive cars
- Players can sit on furniture
- New city decor
- New skins (boys and girls)
- New cars and bus
- New doors
- Cool graphics shaders
- Added a lot of little things
- Fixed many bugs

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