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Rocket.Chat, an open-source communication platform that can be customized by organizations with high data protection standards, is available. It allows real-time communication between coworkers, customers and other companies, on any device, mobile, web or desktop.

This results in increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Rocket.Chat is trusted by millions of users across 150 countries, including Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bahn and the US Navy. They can keep their communications private and secure.

Rocket.Chat users get free video and audio conferencing, guest access and screen sharing. There are also dozens OAuth providers available and unlimited users, guests and channels. Searches, files, messages, searches, and messages can all be shared. Rocket.Chat can be hosted on cloud or on-premises.

Rocket.Chat is home to the largest open-source communication community in the world, with thousands of contributors and stars at Github.

Rocket.Chat is a community of passionate people who are constantly improving our platform.

Key Features:

* Open Source Software
* No hassle MIT license
* BYOS (bring your personal server)
* Multiple rooms
* Direct Messages
* Private and Public Channels/Groups
* Mobile and Desktop Notifications
* 100+ available integrations
* Edit and Delete Sent Messaging
* Mentions
* Avatars
* Markdown
* Emojis
* Select from 3 themes: Light, Dark or Black
* Sort conversations alphabetically, or group by activity or unread favourites
* History / Transcripts
* File Upload/ Sharing
* I18n – [Internationalization with Lingohub]
* Hubot Friendly – [Hubot Integration Project]
* Media Embeds
* Link Previews
* LDAP Authentication
* RESTfull APIs
* Remote Locations Video Monitoring
* Native Cross-Platform Desktop Application


* Visit to learn more and install.
* ONE-CLICK-DEPLOYMENT – See instructions on our GitHub repository:

- [NEW] Persist audio files
- [NEW] Use Inter font
- Several improvements and bug fixes

How to install Rocket.Chat app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Rocket.Chat from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.