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Music Pump
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Music Pump is a feature-rich and beautiful Kodi Remote that has been optimized to work on tablets and phones. You can control the entire Kodi Media Center.


Media from/to Kodi. XBMC / Kodi versions Eden and Frodo, Gothams, Helixes, Isengards, Jarvis, Krypton, and Helix are supported

Main features:

Browse your Kodi library on your phone. Browse playlists and file sources. Browse addons from your android device.


You can stream music from Kodi to your phone, to bluetooth speakers or to a chromecast device *


You can stream movies and TV shows from Kodi to any device (requires unlocker).

Internal audio player

You can play files locally and stream them via Kodi or Chromecast (requires unlocker).


light, dark (requires unlocker) *

Synchronize Music

You can transfer Kodi to an android device (requires unlocker). * PVR support (requires unlocker). * Send Youtube videos to Kodi from android. * Use android share to send local videos and photos to Kodi.

Additional features:

* Select subtitles, audio tracks * Download subtitles * Faster access to music database * Resume video files * Play/pause/Next/Previous videos * Lock screen support * Remote control (remote play/pause/next/previous) * Music rating support * Virtual keyboard support * Raspberry Pi support * Customizable remote buttons You will need to purchase the unlocker in order to access some advanced features.

Instructions for setting up:

Go to System-> Settings-> Services to enable the following settings in Kodi: – Webserver-> Allow control over Kodi via HTTP- Remote Control ->Allow this system to control Kodi. – Remote Control ->Allow other systems to control Kodi


– Yellow server icon. This is usually because the option to allow programs on other systems to manage Kodi has been disabled in Kodi. For more information, please visit How to force Refresh music library: Long-press the server name to select refresh music. – Music and Video library empty: To see your music or video files, enable the library function in Kodi. Then scan your files and music to the library. The default application uses a local queue for music playback. This has the advantage of allowing you to choose from a flexible queuing system. This has its limitations. You can’t control music playback with more than one remote (which is good as other family members won’t be able to clear your queue by mistake), and you can’t skip songs using a remote control because only one song is available in the Kodi queue. To bypass these limitations, the unlocked version can use the Kodi queue. Playlists cannot be seen in Kodi: All playlists must be stored in a separate folder. See – Streaming music / video is not working: The reason may be that no source is created in Kodi (sources.xml). Some Kodi versions, e.g. Some Kodi versions (e.g. raspberry pi) allow you to scrape media files without having to add a source. Kodi will only allow downloading/streaming media which is defined inside a source. In case of doupt ask in the Kodi forum If you have a problem / request please use the thread in the Kodi forum at or send an email Remark: All thumbnails (movie posters, tv shows, albums etc…) used in the screenshots are purely fictional. provides images that are free from copyrights and available under Creative Commons CC0.

* Add compatibility with Kodi Matrix
* Add option to display metadata in file browser
* Fix youtube search
* Swipe refresh in some additional screens
* Fixes for android 11
* Many other bug fixes

How to install Remote for Kodi / XBMC app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Remote for Kodi / XBMC from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.