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QR & Barcode Scanner is the fastest QR code scanner and barcode scanner available. QR & Barcode Scanner app is essential for all Android devices.

The QR Code Reader / Barcode scanner / QR code reader are very easy to use. Simply point the QR code scanner-free app at QR code or barcode that you wish to scan, and the QR scanner will start scanning it and QR scan it. Barcode readers work automatically and you don’t need to use any buttons. You can take photos, adjust zoom or make adjustments.

QR & Barcode scanner can scan and read all types of QR codes and barcodes, including text, URL, ISBN, product and contact information, email addresses, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, and other formats. After scanning and automatic decoding, the user will only be presented with the appropriate options for each QR code or Barcode type. The user can then take appropriate action. QR & Barcode scanner can be used to scan coupon codes or coupons to get discounts and save money.

QR code scanner, barcode scanner application is also QR code generator. It is very easy to use QR generator. Simply enter your data on QR code and click the button to generate QR codes.

QR codes are everywhere! To scan QR codes or barcodes on the move, download the qrcode reader application. The only scanner app that is free to use is QR Scanner. For scanning in darkness, turn on the flashlight or pinch to zoom for QRs further away.

Barcode reader app allows you to scan barcodes of products. To save money, scan barcodes in shops to compare online and offline prices. QR & Barcode Scanner App is the only QR code reader/barcode scanner that you’ll ever need.

Additional functionality: QR code reader/ QR code scanner: Scan QR form image, Create QR, Scan QR From Gallery, Share contact information via QR, scan QR from other apps, scan QR from clipboard content, create QR codes, change the theme of the app and use Batch scan mode. You can export as.csv or.txt, import.csv, add Favorites, easy share…

Thanks for using QR & Barcode Scanner! We bring updates to Google Play regularly to constantly improve speed, reliability, performance and fix bugs.

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