PS Remote Play Controller

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Your smart Android phones make it easier to play PS games. You can stream PS from your TV to your smartphone, so you can play anywhere you want without having to be near the TV. Connect PS devices, login to your PS account and you are ready to play PS remote or control your PS4/PS5 with just a few clicks on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Main features:
* Use PS Remote Controller as virtual Dualshock controller for your Playstation 5/playstation4/PS4/PS5
* Streaming from your Play Station4/PlayStation5/PS4/PS5 to your device with low latency
* Use your smartphone’s on-screen controller to control your PlayStation4 and PlayStation5/PS4/PS5 using the second screen on your mobile device.
* Support for Android devices with 3rd party, Dualsense/Dualshock, and physical controllers

Follow these steps to use the PS Remote Controller – Play Remote app
* To allow this, you must configure your router at home
* Register for an Account to Access the PlayStation Network (PlayStation 4/ 5/ PS4/ PS5)
* A PlayStation 4/PS4 console or PlayStation 5/PS5 with the most recent system software version
* High-speed internet access (home Wi Fi network)
* A mobile device that has Android 7.0 or higher installed
* Multiple PS4/ PS5/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 accounts can be registered
* PS Remote Controller – PS Play Remote supports rooted devices
* PS Remote Controller – PS Play Remote can be used as virtual Dualshock for your PS4/PS5/PlayStation4/PlayStation5.

What PS Remote Controller – Play Remote Supports
* Supports Android TV devices
* Compatible with older firmware versions starting at 5.05 or newer
* A PS4/PS5/PlayStation4/PlayStation5 console with the latest system software version

PS Remote Controller – PS Play Remote allows you to remote control/play remote/ remote play any PS4/PS5/PlayStation4/PlayStation5 game which supports Remote Play.
You can play games such as: FIFA4, Fifa5, The Sims and Naruto, Dragon Ball. Or use Remote Controller for PS as virtual Dualshock gamepad for your PS4/PS5/PlayStation4/PlayStation5.

Use our the PS Remote Play app as your Playstation game controller

How to install PS Remote Play Controller app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download PS Remote Play Controller from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.