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Plus Messenger is an informal messaging app that uses Telegram API.

# One of the top rated messaging apps in Play Store
# More Than 20 Million Downloads
# Translated into over 20 languages
# Many support groups in different languages #

Telegram’s official Telegram app now has Plus Messenger.

* Chat tabs are separated into groups, users, channels, bots and favorites.
* There are many options for cutomizing tabs.
* Multi-account (upto 10).
* Categories. * Categories.
* You can save and restore categories.
* Change default app folder.
* Chats can be sorted in different ways
* Maximum number of pinned chats increased to 100
* Maximum 20 favorite stickers
* Display floating notifications for users who are online/writing.
* Select all chats to apply different options (read/mute/unmute and archive
* Send messages without quoting Before forwarding, edit message/caption.
* Save documents with original names
* Copy the text message.
* Set photo quality before sending.
* Chat bio.
* Add time to the floating date in chat.
* Use main camera to start round video.
* Show progress of download.
* Switch between chats quickly through the quick bar
* Group chat: Show messages and media from users
* Show/hide the mute/unmute buttons from channels
* There are more than 10 types of bubbles and checks.
* Hide mobile number in navigation menu drawer and settings menu
* Use username instead of mobile number to display navigation menu.
* You can easily switch to night mode via the navigation menu.
* Show/hide navigation options
* Use phone emojis.
* Use phone font.
* Save and Restore Plus Settings
* Chat counter

There are many other options. !

Support group:

Plus themes app:
Telegram themes app:

• Added option to hide premium stickers (
• Added option ´Disabled´ to chat list swipe left gesture.
• Added option to force small reactions layout in chat (
• Added buttons for backward and forward steps to audio player (
• Bug fixes.

How to install Plus Messenger app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Plus Messenger from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.