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Parallel Space is one of the most popular Android tools. It allows more than 90 million people to log on to multiple accounts simultaneously on one device. This helps them highlight their individual style and makes it one of the top Android apps. The Incognito Installation feature makes apps invisible to users and protects their privacy. Users can also customize the themes of Parallel Space and their cloned app themes to create their own space. Parallel Space is compatible with all Android apps and supports 24 languages. Parallel Space is available immediately for managing multiple accounts, privacy protection, and customizing your space. You can log in to multiple social networking apps and game apps simultaneously from one device. This allows you to easily balance your life with work. Enjoy a doubled online gaming experience. Parallel Space supports almost all apps. Both accounts will not be able to access each other’s data. Incognito Installation protects user privacy. * Make secret apps on your device invisible to prying eyes. A security lock protects user privacy. You can create a unique space by using themes. Parallel Space has a theme store that allows you to select from a variety of themes. A customized theme can be used to create a unique space. One-tap allows the user to quickly switch between themes. One-tap to switch between accounts quickly Highlights: * Stable, powerful and easy to use. * Exclusive: Parallel Space is built on multiDroid which is the first Android application virtualization engine. Notes: Parallel Space must apply for permissions from the apps that are included in Parallel Space for it to function properly. Parallel Space will not be allowed to obtain your location. This means that you won’t be able to share your location with your friends using Parallel Space apps. Parallel Space doesn’t collect any personal information to protect your privacy. * Consumptions. Parallel Space doesn’t consume too much memory, battery or data. This is because the apps running inside it don’t use that much. You can view details in the ‘Storage and ‘Task Management’ sections, which are located in Parallel Space’s ‘Settings. * Notifications: To ensure that some social networking apps are notified properly, please add Parallel Space to the whitelist or exceptional list. * Conflict: You can’t have two accounts on the same social networking app by using the same mobile number. To create a second account in Parallel Space, you will need to use a different mobile phone number. Also, ensure that your mobile number is active during the first login. Please contact our WhatsApp at +86 18201691197 if you have any urgent questions. Hotline service is currently not available. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Parallel Space via the “Feedback” feature within Parallel Space. Or send us an email at:

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