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OkCupid’s online dating platform makes it easy to find the perfect match.

OkCupid is all about inclusive online dating. We understand how hard it is to find meaningful relationships and to connect with people (and dare we say, love!)

We are happy to assist you in finding the right person!

Great connections lead to great dates. OkCupid is more than just a photo of you.

You are worthy to meet new people, find your love and make new friends.

It will be a joy to use!

OkCupid is open to all.

Create a dating profile that highlights what makes you special.

Highlight your gender pronouns to find locals in your neighborhood – she/he, him/him or them/them

Answer our questions to enjoy great dates and find your match!

You are now ready to meet new people and find romance or just a great date tonight.

There are many different ways to build meaningful relationships. Find new friends, make new acquaintances, and start a new relationship!

OkCupid is much more than an online dating site.

Our dating app is completely free. It allows you to chat with singles or have deep conversations using our unique messaging system.

Focus on the connections you are most interested in, not those you aren’t.

Meet up with friends, have fun and make great dates.

Online dating is easy and stress-free

OkCupid is a wonderful way to meet your partner.

Answering our questions will allow you to match up with people who share your interests, and you’ll get a personal compatibility percentage.

We can help you find the right partner for you.

OkCupid is the best free dating app! OkCupid is the best dating app for free!

OkCupid is now available!


* Use our unique messaging system to make friends and build relationships

* Find people close to you using local dating services


OkCupid is completely free to all users, but premium subscribers can unlock special features.

Premium dating features include:

It is possible to see what your friends like and don’t like about you. But, you don’t have to like them first

Send unlimited likes to get more matches

To help you find the right person, and match your values, you can create Dealbreakers.

What are other people saying?

“Want to go on your first date with a hell yeah’?

OkCupid can be your perfect matchmaker. – Huffington Post

“OkCupid may be the first dating site but they’re still innovating.” – Glamour

“OkCupid allows you to connect …” and an Elite Daily.

Meet singles and connect with them – Download OkCupid today to start dating online!

Shout out to every partner that wasn't ready to handle your greatness. They set you free to find your true soulmate.

Plus the usual bug fixes and under the hood improvements.

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Click on the official app store link above.

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