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Numerology is based upon the assumption that numbers and information derived based on your birth date will help you gain a better understanding about yourself, your talents and shortcomings.

Your Life Path number is the direction you will take in your life. This is the most important element of your numerological chart, and should be treated as such. The number of the Life Path represents our life purpose, or the most important lesson that we have learned in this lifetime.

Your Expression (or Destiny number) is the second most important number on your chart. This number describes your natural talents, abilities and potential. These are the talents that we should make the most of as we go along our lives.

Your Soul Urge (or Heart’s Desire), number is a reflection of your inner desires and needs. It is a subtle number, and the traits it reveals are not always obvious from the outside. It tells us what to give to our soul to make it happy and fulfilled.

The Attitude number reflects our attitude and the traits that make us unique. It is what gives us strength and helps us overcome difficult life situations. Take a look at your attitude number to see if there is something wrong in your life.

Our spiritual or talent number or day of birth number helps us to see other talents, abilities and skills that we have. The most impact of this number is when we are active (25-55 years old).

The Maturity number is a measure of our maturity and reflects the future.

Your Personality number is a measure of your self-image to the world. We make decisions about how we present ourselves to the outside world. Sometimes, this is conscious and sometimes unconscious. This number does not reflect our inner selves. It only shows what is visible to the outside world and how we are perceived by others.

Numeroscope, or astrology horoscope, is a chart that describes your personal year, month, and day. Numerology forecast chart and astrology horoscope will provide a forecast of the events for any given year, month, or day. Numerology is a rich source of information. However, it cannot predict the future or make predictions about what choices someone will make. Numeroscope is similar to horoscope. You can follow the guidance and advice provided by Numeroscope.

The synastry is a comparative analysis of partners that reveals the compatibility between them. The dates of birth are the basis for the synastry chart. The comparative analysis does not have to be done for an emotional partner. It can be used to analyze work, friendships, and any other type of relationship.

Daily affirmations are a powerful tool that can make our lives easier and encourage us to reach our goals. Each day’s inspirational messages and affirmations are chosen carefully and are in keeping with the day.

Because of their positive energy, crystals, gems and semi-precious gemstones have been in use since ancient times. Numerology app provides recommendations for crystals that correspond to each life path/personal number as well as a suggestion for a personal calendar year. Crystals can help us increase our energy and vibration, and provide happiness, abundance and wisdom.

Your life is your choice. Numerology app can help you live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Numerology app creates a free western Pythagorean numerology table and supports tablets and phones. You can also use this app as a numerology calculator.

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