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Nearly one in three households use Nextdoor in the U.S., and it is found in over 290,000. Neighborhoods around the world. Find new places, meet neighbors, and receive recommendations for local businesses. Nextdoor is your local marketplace for selling, buying, and trading used items. Get the best out of your neighborhood by joining groups with friends. Talk to your neighbors about upcoming events and changes. Nextdoor allows you to follow local news and keep up-to-date about the happenings in your area. The app makes it easy to find home services such as house sitting and childcare. You can support your community by organizing a meet-up with parents and bonding over common interests. Share local services, make recommendations and welcome newcomers to the neighborhood. Nextdoor allows you to discover local gems and explore your community, no matter how long you have lived there. Enjoy the many local events in your area, from block parties to group events. Nextdoor is a great way to meet and connect with neighbors. NEXTDOOR IS THE APP FOR NEIGHBORS. Stay connected with your neighborhood. LISTEN TO WHAT NEIGHBORS HEAR ABOUT NEXTDOOR It was very easy to hire my neighbor’s daughter as my child’s babysitter after school.” – Patrick Mission East. “This spring, we decided to do some Spring Cleaning and sell our old appliances, clothes, and tools on Nextdoor for Sale & Free. Our neighbors came by quickly to offer a deal and took our stuff. It was easy than any other, and it felt good knowing that our old stuff had found a home in the neighborhood.” Dan Hayes Valley, Nextdoor OUR PURPOSE Nextdoor’s purpose is to create a safer world where everyone can trust their neighbors. OUR PRIVACY Nextdoor is built upon trust. We make sure you are connected.

Real people

In the communities that matter to your heart. Nextdoor requires that all neighbors sign up with their real names and addresses. To verify your identity, we partner with trusted vendors.

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