Naxtbot Blackroom Chasing Time

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Boss Level Studio
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A room without a way out, a place filled with horrors. Are you hunting or are you being hunted here? In

Naxtbot Backroom Chasing time

There will be many monste, such as Wugy and Rainbaw Blue. It will become more difficult to escape all the monstes the more you play. Are you willing to give it a shot? You can be brave! ? HOW TO PLAY? You can choose your role of Player or Monste and drag to move. If you are in the Player Role, You can run, hide, and avoid being caught by all evils. If you’re Monste, chase down all players and eat them. We are hungry! GAME FEATURE: Free First Person Shooter (FPS), Smooth Pixel Graphic. Easy to use with one finger: Seek your prey. Hide yourself! You can hide yourself! Can you survive? Let’s see if we can.

Naxtbot Backroom Chasing time

+ Fix crash & ANR!!!

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