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MyTeaPal, the perfect companion for tea drinkers, is an all-in one app that includes a timer, tracker and journal as well as community functions.

* BREW: Use a stopwatch or timer to brew tea mindfully.
* ORGANIZE: Manage all of your teawares, vendors and ingredients in one place.
* LOG: Keep track of your tea journal’s infusion statistics and tasting notes by using the Infusion Log.
* CONNECT: Make connections with tea friends, share tea notes, and build your tea network

* Personalize Collections: Upload custom images and information for teas and teaware
* Tea Encyclopedia: Learn about tea styles and connect with your teas
* Stopwatch and Timer: Use a pre-set time or brew according to your intuition.
* Quantity Tracker: Auto-subtract and catalogue inventory as you drink
* Share: Email information to your friends about teawares, logs, and teawares
* Visualize Stats: View your logs in an Excel calendar and see the teas in pie charts
* Flavor Dictionary: Select from over 100 tags, or create your own
* Tea Rating: Rate your teas using a 5-point scale (half stars are included!)
* Tea Randomizer: Have trouble choosing what tea to drink? Let our randomizer help
* Daily Reminder: Set up daily notifications to create a mindful tea drinking habit
* Data Syncing – Securely sync all of your data across devices and platforms
* Multiple Units

Since I was a tea lover for over four years, I wished there was a way to track my tea journey. This includes all the teas I tried, all the teaware I bought, as well as the brewing methods and any feelings that I felt.

After trying several tea journaling apps and paperbacks, I found that tea journaling was the best method. None of them felt right.

I created a tea app that would allow tea drinkers to easily record their teawares, find their favourite ways to brew, share their thoughts with tea buddies, and create a tea catalog.

MyTeaPal was born. This app will help us all be more aware of what teas we’ve had, how they were brewed, and how they made our feelings. We wish you all the best for your tea journey.

Vincent, founder of MyTeaPal

We built special features for MyTeaPal Club, a community-centered global tea club which started this month.

You are able to view teas from our monthly tea club, clone those teas to your stash, and share your posts and interact with others' posts on the same tea!

Check it out and join our tea club to connect with more TeaPals around the world :)

2.8.1 - Enabled duplicating logs and improved bottom tab bar text display

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