Muscle Rush – Smash Running

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MUSCLE RUSH – A running game that really gets ripped!

? Hey, feeling shrimpy? Do you feel like getting a miracle workout? or drinking protein shakes? Then muscle up with MUSCLERUSH, a fun running game that will transform anyone into a dazzling specimen of bulging humanity in just seven days. You can get buff and tough while running through difficult? Obstacle courses are a challenge! You can smash through obstacles, get rid of hoodlums, grab as many energy drinks and batteries as you like, and then get ready to pound on your screen in exciting arm-wrestling boss fights to defeat an ever-growing number of muscle-bound bullies. Are you ready to be the MUSCLE RUSH’s beefiest runner? In your quest for swole, sprint, spin, crash and crash your way through wood and metal. Hope you didn’t skip leg day, pipsqueak! ?

Keep running!

? Real tension! You will have a blast through the endless obstacle courses and fast gameplay. As you gain strength, watch your muscles grow! While the rewards are greater for each obstacle you overcome, each one also drains your strength. You won’t get there by brute force alone, you’ll need some strategy! Demonstrate that you are smart enough to handle the task! Get tons of? to upgrade your musclehead! fun skins! As you move through the levels, you will find a wide variety of characters, including strong men, gym bros, athletes and wrestlers. To achieve maximum strength, customize your muscles! You can smash the right obstacles to collect keys and earn cash. Then, upgrade your punch to increase your strength to take on bullies, gold bars and solid metal doors. Take on the boss in arm-wrestling. You will be put to the test by your bosses in epic arm-wrestling. Do you remember going toe-to–toe with a muscular granny or an alien buff? In MUSCLE RUSH, you can! Make sure you are ripped at the end of your workout. Then, finish the obstacle course with a series of brick walls. The further you go, the more you will be rewarded and the wilder the celebratory dance moves. You can break-dance or boogie to the wreckage! It’s never been more fun to build your body! The game’s beautiful graphics and highly satisfying sound effects make it easy to gain a lot of body building fun. ?

This is the game that makes chumps into champions!


You will conquer obstacles and leave a trail behind. In MUSCLE RUSH, hit the install button to get on the ground running!

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