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Vector Unit
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Guide MouseBot through the maze of mechanical mouse traps designed by CatLab’s cat scientists. You will need to dodge giant Kitty Krushers and leap over the mouse-grinding Roller Graters.

As you explore CatLab’s mysterious laboratories and discover the evil plans of the cats, conquer 88 platform-style levels. You can collect massive amounts of cheese and transform it into new skins or accessories for your robotic mouse.

MouseBot: Escape From CatLab is an exciting platforming game that will challenge your skills, timing, reflexes and love for cheese.


* 88 mazes with traps and obstacles.
* Hilarious cartoon destruction! Do not get crushed, stomped on, zapped, or blown to pieces.
* Get new skills! You can run, jump, and transform for water and land!
* Collect incredible piles of cheese!
* Get new skins and accessories for your MouseBot!
* Enjoy eye-popping cartoon visuals on your TV, phone or tablet
* Touch screen, gamepad, and remote control options for Android TV are available.
* Get cloud saved and earn achievements with Google Play Game Services.

MouseBot is completely free to use, but you can make optional in-app purchases.


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- Fixed Android TV launch issues
- Fixed remote control behavior on Android TV

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