Mouse Evolution: Mutant Rats

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Which animal is the most intelligent on Earth? Mice, obviously!

Combining different mouse species into innovative experiments can create new mutant mice. This will allow you to absorb all the scientific knowledge firsthand.

A mouse that loves to be near computers will make rats that will travel abroad in search for a better life. These rodents are so intelligent that they have become famous chefs and face billionaire media empires.

Regardless of which mouse you create, remember that they are creatures with feelings.

So should mice!


?Pantheon: A new place for the supreme beings to gaze down upon us mortals, and laugh at our misery
?Impostors: Watch out for impostors who want to steal the spotlight away from the mice


Drag and drop like mice to create new mutant animals
Use mouse eggs to make coins, buy new animals and make more money
You can also tap your mouse to pop coins out of eggs.


Different stages of rat life and many species to be discovered
A mind-blowing tale with mousey twists
The unexpected combination of alpaca-like evolution with incremental clicker games
?Doodle-like illustrations
Open-ended gameplay: Enjoy the freedom!
No mice were hurt in the creation of this game. Only developers

This is what grandpa would call “a rattling good sport!”

Please be aware! Although this game is free to download, you can purchase items for real money. It is possible that some features or extras described in the description will need to be bought for real money.

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