Mikey Spy Mouse Trap: Rat Maze

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Are you a puzzle- or brain-game or maze game fan? You are most likely a fan of puzzle games, brain games or maze games. Enjoy having fun as you help Mikey the spy mouse avoid traps and eat the cheese in “Mikey Spy Mouse Trap Cheese and Mouse Maze Games”.

Cool mouse must avoid traps and eat cheese in “Mikey Spy Mouse Trap Cheese and Mouse Maze Games”. As they progress, you will be able to scratch your head by connecting the correct pipes and avoiding the trap.

How do you play?
Connect the pipes so that the mouse can eat the cheese.
Avoid the trap which will kill the rats or collect the key to make it disappear.
Beware of electric currents at the borders.
After it has had the cheese, you can lead the rat back to its “home”.

The following features are available in Mouse Maze – Brain Puzzle Games For Adults:

OFFLINE AND FREE – This game is completely offline and totally free.
SO MANY LEVELS- This game has multiple levels that provide endless fun.

UPGRADING LEVELS: This brain puzzle game allows you to upgrade your levels by adding something new.

IMPROVES LOGIC & FOOCUS – These brain games are free and designed to help you think more clearly, improve your focus, and increase your logical skills.

These brain games are suitable for everyone – Teens and adults alike will love them.

These brain puzzle games are free to play and will help you improve your memory and thinking every day.

These maze and puzzle games for adults are a great way to start brain training! Enjoy having fun and helping Mikey the spy mouse avoid traps.

Hey puzzle maniacs, we are here with an amazing update. We have improved the gameplay and added some fun features. Also, we have optimized the app performance for a better gaming experience along with minor bug fixes.
Update now and enjoy your favorite mouse maze puzzle game!

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