Make It Rain The Love of Money

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Do you enjoy casual games that are addictive? You can forget about boredom with Make It Rain: The Passion for Money! This clicker game is fiendishly clever and addictive. It’s easy to learn, difficult to master, but extremely addicting to play. Watch the money accumulate as you swipe and click.

You can make smart or unwise investments to get all the money you need. Tap tap to make it rich. Then, retire as a billionaire old goat with a legacy of capitalist success. Let the capitalist adventure continue by passing your money to the next generation!

Play addictive games on Make it Rain: For the Love of Money and you can hit it rich or increase your fortune!

Make it rain Features

Swipe to make it rain coins and cash!
Investment games are addictive and free! Grab the free money by clicking on the swipe button.
Clicker game that will make your rich! Although it’s not really real money, you will have virtual cash every time you play this addictive game.
Swipe fast to get that sweet cash!

You can make a bank with investment games!
Investing is the final step in your capitalist journey.
Smart investments can help you earn money even when the addictive game is over.
Clicker game allows you to invest in loan sharking, venture capital, and offshore drilling.
Start a cash casino, lemonade stand or clown college to make millions.
Tap tap tap to purchase a federal judge, while the money rolls in!

To get bonuses, you need to leave a legacy of capitalist capitalism
This frantic clicker game allows you to swipe, steal, and cheat as much as you like to keep your money flowing.
To grow your fortune, you can make friends with Congress as a capitalist or become an institutional investor.
Insider trading is an addictive adventure! SHHH… Don’t tell anyone. Yes, even YOU, Steve.

When you R.I.P., pass on your cash cow
– Your capitalist heritage lives on. – With all the money you make, your lineage will be Wall Street’s heroes.
Transfer your cash cow to your loved ones and get tons of bonuses.
Swipe, tap and see your fortune grow as each member of the family adds money!

You can also be smart and purchase that vault. You can’t tap tap tap tapping forever, even if you are a capitalist as dashing and vibrant as you are.

Get Make it Rain: The love of money and get ready to make a fortune! It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3,!


Make it Rain: The Loving of Money is a free game that you can play, but offers in-app purchases of different types.

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