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Have you ever tried to find a pose online or asked a friend to pose for you? Magic Poser is a great app to download! Magic Poser, a groundbreaking app, allows you to pose any number of 3D human models with props in whatever way you like. This app is essential for all things drawing, manga, comics and storyboarding.

There is no need to buy expensive 3D desktop software or use a limited wooden mannequin. Magic Poser is intuitive, affordable, lightweight, and easy to use. Get started creating poses for any art you have in minutes on your mobile device today!

Here’s a quick overview of some of our incredible features:

* Easy and intuitive human pose by tapping on control points or dragging. Our physics engine lets you manipulate the human model as a doll, and adjusts it automatically to the dynamic poses that you desire.
* Free unlimited model and prop creations Magic Poser can easily create any type of pose, no matter how simple or complex.
There are many models available in different styles and head to body ratios. These range from realistic 1:7.5 models to exaggerated 1 :3 chibi characters. You can find male, female, boy and girl models as well as super models and chibis in both anime and realistic styles.
* Hundreds upon hundreds of premium and free props. These range from desks and chairs to use in your anime classroom, to swords and shields for fantasy artwork, and everything in between. These props can be purchased with Wombat Coins, our virtual currency.
* Your model can be customized with many hairstyles and clothing choices!
To fine tune your pose, use sliders/text inputs. Every joint, including every finger, can be posed.
* Realistic, adjustable studio lighting with models casting shadows onto every object.
* In addition to a wide selection of preset poses you can also share and import scenes created by others from the PoseCloud online community. You don’t have to start over, as you can import an entire concert scene, an airplane, or car directly into the app. Then, start building from there!
* You can easily export your work as png/jpg in adjustable high resolution for use in other apps and to share on social media.
* Extraordinary perspective: Magic Poser’s perspective tool makes it easy to create greater impact in your illustrations.

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