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Kids App Qustodio

It is: *Free * Must be installed onto any device that you wish to be able monitor * Protection app to Qustodio

Kids App Qustodio

The companion app

Qustodio Parental Control App

Our app for parents’ devices is. This app should only be downloaded to a device that is being used by a child. Start by downloading the

Qustodio Parental Control App

Download the file to your device, or visit our website to create an account. Next, download this

Kids App Qustodio

onto your child’s device or devices. The two apps together allow you to seamlessly manage your child’s screen time allowance across linked mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, including iOS and macOS. FILTER CONTENT AND APPS Block harmful apps, games, and websites. Your children can view safe sites, and they will automatically block any potentially dangerous ones. This will prevent them from being exposed to violence, mature content, and gambling. You will be notified if your child attempts to access blocked content. MONITOR ACTIVITY Log into the dashboard anytime, from any device, to view your child’s digital activity. You can also adjust your settings. You can view your child’s activity timeline, browsing history and YouTube views. STEP INTO PRIVACY SET TIME LIMITS To help your child avoid screen addiction and promote better sleep habits, as well as preserve family time, set time limits and screen-free times. You can increase or decrease their device usage limits whenever you like. LOCATE FAMILY Find your child on the map. You can save the most frequently visited locations like school or home, and receive notifications whenever they arrive at those places. TRACKING CALLS AND SMS: Track and identify suspicious contacts by looking at who your child is exchanging calls and messages. You can read the messages they send and receive as well as create a block list. Get detailed reports, alerts, and SOS of your child’s online activities straight to your email. You’ll be notified immediately your child attempts to access blocked sites or is in trouble. Our FAQ: Does Qustodio Parental Control’s family screen time-blocker app work on Android 8 (Oreo?): Yes. * Can Qustodio’s family screen time blocking app be used on other platforms than Android? Qustodio protects Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. * Which languages are you able to support? Qustodio can be accessed in English, Spanish and French as well as German, Japanese, Portuguese, German and Japanese. Contact us for support. Contact us here: and Notes: This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This permission will prevent the user from uninstalling Kids App Qustodio. Accessibility services are used in this app. To create a great device experience that allows users with behavioral disabilities to set appropriate levels of access, monitor screen time, web content, and apps in order to minimize their risks and allow them to live normally. Troubleshooting Notes: Huawei device owners: Qustodio requires that the battery-saving mode be disabled.

Hi Parents!
We've made more improvements and fixed some minor bugs to make your Qustodio experience even better. As always, we recommend that you enable auto-updating in the Play Store so both your and your kids' apps are always up-to-date.
The Qustodio Team

How to install Kids App Qustodio app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

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Tap "Install" to download Kids App Qustodio from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.