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Join Me Tonight
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The hot app for meeting people in your local area was launched in 2020. We will soon be in your city so please wait. Our user base is growing quickly so feel free to spread the word.

Real connections can be made offline. “Less screen time = more social time”
Dating, Friends and Relationships. Use it 100% free of charge and without restrictions

A new feature update was released on 9/15/2020. You can now browse profiles and find people you like. When both users tap “like”, the chat window will open. However, the chat window will expire after seven days. This saves time and prevents endless back-and-forth texting that rarely leads anywhere.


This app was created with the sole purpose of connecting you with others and getting you off your phone.


An excessive attachment to our phones can cause feelings of loneliness and isolation, making it difficult to make real connections with others. Join Me Tonight (JMT), aims to make going out fun and easy while also limiting the amount of time spent on the app. JMT allows people of different interests to meet and do what they love, without spending hours trying to figure out the details of their plans.

JMT can help you meet new people, find someone to go to a new bar, or just to have fun while you travel. We’re not talking about meeting new people. It’s great for organizing groups and expanding your social network. It’s easy to find the type of events you are interested in. How many times have your stayed home to make sushi or lychee martinis alone? You can also sit with them at a basketball match. You can even karaoke with your 90-year-old pals! Yes, we all have friends but not everyone is into the same things. While it’s great to go solo, isn’t it more fun to have a team, a date, or a friend? JMT is here for that!


* Events cannot be created more than 7 days in advance.
* Don’t waste time trying to figure out where or what to do. Create / select events in set categories, chat and then finalize your plans in just a few clicks.
* There are no awkward moments when the bill arrives — confirm who is paying in advance
* We don’t allow events between 12AM-7AM.
* “Netflix and chill” is OUT — JMT Events can only be seen in public places


1) Register and create a profile

2) Make an event, and let JMT users know about it. Users will tap to let them know that they are interested in joining your group.


Check out the events page to see what other people are doing. Tap the prompt to let others know that you are interested in joining.

3) Select the interested users that you would like to join your group

4) Receive a notification when there is mutual interest. This initiates the chat feature to finalize your plans.

Go out tonight to have fun

Now you can browse profiles to find users you are interested in, when both users tap “like”, a chat window open, the caveat is the chat window will automatically expire after 7 days.

How to install Join Me Tonight - Dating, Friends & Relationships app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Join Me Tonight - Dating, Friends & Relationships from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.