JAScript – HTML, CSS & JavaScript IDE

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JAScript allows you to build android apps and games with web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript. PHP.JQuery etc. HTML, CSS, and Javascript can be used to create web and local apps that cater to individual needs. You can convert local Android JavaScript apps to standalone Android apps (apk), while HTML web apps can upload to a website and be used as a web application. JAScript can be intergrated with a 3D library to create 3D android games. You can also use JAScript to create HTML5 and 2D HTML5 games. This code editor makes it easier to code and test your code. JS Console supports Javascript console applications with V8 JavaScript Engine ES6 support.

– You can run native JavaScript Android code without having to install first.
– Multiple apps can be run in one window
Choose from 15+ themes for your app
– There are three types of projects: Android, HTML, and JS Console.
– Multiple tabs in HTML Editor or JavaScript Editor
– Dark and light themes
– The ability to choose between interpretive and compile Javascript modes
– V8 JavaScript Engine is used to create HTML Editor and JS console through Android webview.
– More than 100 JavaScript code examples. Soon, more HTML and CSS samples are available.
– JavaScript console and debugger to inspect errors and bugs in android projects
– This can also be installed on desktop android emulators.

HTML Editor – Type your code and hit the Run key to instantly view it. HTML tags auto-completion may not be available yet, but it is coming soon.
JavaScript Editor, Compiler, and Runner – Run your code straight or precompile before running.
Text Viewer – View, edit and view text files
– SVG Editor & Viewer – View and Edit svg Files

JS Syntax Highlight.
HTML Tags Highlight.
– Displays line numbers.
– Auto Completes variables, properties, and method names.
– Multi-tab, swipe to switch tabs
– Auto-save: Set the time interval at which your code will be saved automatically.
Word-wrap words that fit screen width
Save frequently used code with Code Snipets
Highlight warnings and errors with a red wavyline
– Autofix some common errors and warns, such as missing semicolon
– Make it easy to read and neat by formatting the code
– Correct Imports of Java class names that are available in code but not yet imported.
Regex Search and Replace in Full Code or a Selected Region
Scroll up and down quickly with a scroll bar that shows the percentage of scrolling
To correct unintentional errors in coding, the Undo and Redo functions are available
– Instead of scrolling continuously, jump to a specific line
JavaScript Reference can also be used to search for javascript methods or properties.
Calculator to calculate how long it took to code.
– You can customize the editor’s header, background, lines, and action bars by creating custom color themes.
Method lookup to find methods for a specific JAVA class
– Highlights code blocks such as loops, functions and conditions
– Can also be used as C++, JAVA and PHP, kotlin and node js.

– HTML tutorial
– CSS tutorial
– JavaScript tutorial

– How to convert JAVA into JavaScript Codes
JavaScript Method Reference

Swipe to change tabs
– When reclaiming memory, auto restore code is available even after the system has killed it.
ES6 Support
– Change the font size
– Opens video, image and svg files
– JAScript Blog with JavaScript Tutorial

JAScript is capable of building almost any type of native or HTML5 app and game, including music players, diaries and status savers as well as file managers and commercial apps.

The app is currently in active development. More features will be added. Contact the developer to report bugs and request new features.

- Auto close html tags
- Snippets now visible in auto complete
- Improved code folding and formatting
- HTML, CSS, JS Lint
- Updated custom themes
- Added navigation buttons
- Added more samples
- Show vertical indent lines in editor
- Match start and end html tags
- CSS and PHP syntax highlight
- Minor improvements
- Bug fixes

How to install JAScript - HTML, CSS & JavaScript IDE app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download JAScript - HTML, CSS & JavaScript IDE from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.