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iMe Lab
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iMe Messenger & Crypto Wallet, a multifunctional client powered by API Telegram, has built-in tools, Artificial Intelligence and Crypto Wallet.

The official client team is responsible for the main development of the messenger, creating the most advanced and innovative messenger in the world.

The iMe Team improves functionality for the main client, and also creates its own features.

* Connect up to 5 accounts
* Topics and folders to group chats
* Advanced tab and folder settings;
* FAB-buttons settings to change the standard Pencil
* Chat sorting automatically by type, including archive
* Private albums stored in the Cloud
* All music from chats and devices in one section
* Improved chat preview via long tap

* Multipanel chats
* Message sorting in chats or in the Cloud
* Side menu customization;
* Customization of the context menu for messages
* Large posts concealing the bottom panel with channels
* Collapsible posts;
* Filters to contact contacts and group members
* Camera selection before recording video messages;
* Confirmation of calls, sending GIF or stickers.

* Multi-forwarding messages available with options including author and cross accounts
* Multiple-responses within groups
* Translation of outgoing and incoming messages
* Removing text from images and descriptions of images;
* Voice messages can be translated up to one minute into text
* Adding reactions to messages and buttons with links;
* Installing animated stickers or GIFs on your video avatar
* Neurobot assistants offer quick answers in the form phrases and GIFs
* Delete service messages from your groups and channels
* Moving to the beginning of the chat
* Clearing cache cache at least once per day in chats or in the archive
* iMe settings backup for the Cloud

* Binance Smart Chain and Crypto wallet for Ethereum accounts are available for the storage, purchase and transfer of cryptocurrencies.
* A large selection of cryptocurrencies (ETH, USDT and LIME, BNB. BUSD, LINK. WBTC. MATIC. OKB. LIT. etc.
* Public addresses can be transferred by QR-code or user ID.
* Switching between ERC20/BEP20 networks and exchange bridge
* DeFi and Staking Programs
* Secure purchases of cryptocurrencies via bank card through Simplex Integration
* Decentralized exchange via Uniswap or Pancakeswap

You can also access many other features within iMe. Join us to try them all!

Servers of the official client allow users to authorize, transmit and store data.
The official client guarantees security and confidentiality.

If you have any questions, concerns or wishes, please write to our support team.

Technical support:

Discussion group:

LIME group:

News channel:

New from Telegram
The source code has been updated to Telegram version 8.9.3:
• New Emoji Platform;
• Privacy Settings for Voice Messages;
• Gifting Telegram Premium.

New from iMe
• Aggregator for messages context menu (disabling in Interface Settings);
• ID displaying: Telegram API / Bot API;
• Extended editing when forwarding;
• Copying a photo in the message context menu;
• The fix of mixed languages and other bug fixes.

The full list of changes in @ime_en channel.

How to install iMe Messenger & Crypto Wallet app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download iMe Messenger & Crypto Wallet from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.