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Privacy is important. To keep your privacy and anonymity online, use a secure and fast virtual private network (VPN). Download

HotBot VPN

Today you can surf the internet with total privacy, security, speed, and the ability unblock any content from anywhere in the world. Are you still unsure?

What is a VPN?

What does it do? It protects your internet connection and should be used by everyone.

There are a few common features among the best VPN services. HotBot VPN provides all of these features.

Browse Online in Complete Privacy

HotBot VPN instantly protects you identity. They mask your IP address by using one of theirs, so that your activities cannot be traced back. To prevent prying eyes harvesting your data, they encrypt the VPN connection using a secure tunnel. They also have a no-log guarantee, meaning that no one can access your personal data except you. However, not all VPN services can guarantee the same.

Securely connect to public Wi-Fi

Although public wi-fi might seem like a convenient option, did you know it can pose a danger to your safety and security? If you don’t take precautions, anyone can see your data and steal it. HotBot VPN is here to help. Their state-of the-art service encrypts all your activity to make sure hackers and strangers can’t access it. HotBot allows you to instantly connect your device using the intuitive app.

Access Content from Anywhere in the World

There are few things more frustrating than trying to access a TV program that is blocked in your country. HotBot VPN is the ideal solution to this problem. HotBot VPN offers hundreds of servers around the globe, so geo-blocking will not be a problem. Our service is ideal for those on business trips, working remotely, or anyone who wants to avoid censorship.

Enjoy Military-Grade Encryption

You should choose the most secure VPN service available if you are going to use it. HotBot VPN employs AES256 encryption that is trusted by security experts and militaries around the globe.

HotBot for All Your Devices

Everyone uses more than one


No longer can you use your device to access the Internet. HotBot is the fastest and most reliable VPN service in the world. You can use the app on up to six devices at once.

Save Money

Are you still unsure if it is right for your needs? HotBot offers a free 7-day trial that is 100% risk-free. While all other VPN apps claim they are free, you will need to contact customer service to receive a refund. HotBot allows you to cancel your subscription at any time if it is not what you want. That’s it. They also offer a 1-month happiness guarantee.

The VPN app’s features are at a glance

* Enjoy ultra-fast streaming speeds and private browsing * Trusted by experts around the globe, hundreds of servers allow you to instantly connect to any server worldwide. * No logs guarantee: only you have access to your data. * Instant data access and unlimited bandwidth. * Helpful customer support * IP masking * DNS leak protection. Don’t wait to see your sensitive data stolen by hackers, governments, or businesses. You can take control of your safety and privacy now. HotBot VPN is the best VPN app available for those who want a simple, reliable, and feature-packed privacy solution. It is completely secure and accessible to all.

How to install HotBot VPN Privacy App app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

Option 2:

Tap "Install" to download HotBot VPN Privacy App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.