Hidden Objects: Mystery Societ

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Your help is needed by the MYSTERY SOCIETY in this addictive Hidden Object Adventure Game!

A small group of detectives has been working together secretly for decades to solve mysteries and investigate crime. It feels like crime is a daily occurrence. Mischievous thieves are stealing precious jewels and other items.

The secret society has been watching and wanted you to join their elite team. Be the best detective You can climb to the top and become the best detective in Europe. You can find hidden objects in Paris and London, Venice, Athens Berlin, Istanbul, Berlin, Venice, Athens, Athens, Berlin, Istanbul, etc.

In a city filled with crime and suspense, solve mysteries and complete quests! Discover Europe’s most elusive mysteries and find fun Hidden Objects!

Join millions of others to solve crimes involving theft of precious jewels or heirlooms.

Hidden Object Blackstone Mysteries, Relic Match 3: Jewel Mystery are from the makers!

Features of the Mystery Society
* Search Europe for stolen items!
* Complete all city quests to progress!
* Playing requires no Internet connection
* Find out the truth about scandals and solve puzzles!
There are tons of amazing cities and things to look for!
* Trade and interact with the colorful cast
* Search for precious jewels and items by word, image or outline!
* Get all 10 fun Achievements to show that you’re the best!
* Tips to help you find heirlooms
* Use the pinch and zoom feature to locate smaller missing relics, if needed!
* Get daily rewards by connecting with Blackstone and other popular games such as Blackstone
* You can send amazing rewards, bonuses and boosters to your Facebook friends!
* Trade in every city to earn incredible rewards
* Solitaire, Match 3 Puzzles, and Other Fun Minigames Included!

WEBSITE: http://www.rolltower.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MysterySocietyGame
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hiddenobjectw
WATCH US: https://youtu.be/WhO5FAx7xC4
CONTACT US: support@tamalaki.com

Bugfixes and improvements

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