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Hi Browser is your mobile browser and private browser. It offers a custom news recommendation, video downloader for free, ad blocking, quick scan web pages, and ad blocker. This will help you save your mobile data and protect your personal information.

Why choose Hi Browser? Hi browser’s free Adblocker will block unwanted ads and allow you to implement Adblock safely and without any cost. You can use the incognito browsing mode to conduct your private search using a private browser. Your privacy is protected at all times. You will have a better experience when you are in low-light environments. Video downloader allows you to download and play your favorite videos with AdBlock. You can browse the internet anonymously and search for information. Keep up-to-date with local news through breaking news recommendations

——-All Functions——-

Smart Video Downloader Fast & Easy

Hi browser is a private multi-functional browser that allows you to download all videos and movies quickly from major websites as well as any social media app like Telegram, Snapchat and Instagram.

Private and Safe AD Blocker

An adblocker that doesn’t require plug-ins blocks ads that invade your privacy. Adblock stops ads from affecting your user experience in hi browser. Also, incognito prevents you from being tracked while browsing the internet.

Search web pages quickly and easily

You can use the notification panel to enable quick web search by setting.

No Images Mode Fast and Economical

Web browser with No Images mode can help you save mobile data and money in hi browser. Also, it will allow you to implement the private browsing experience.

Inognito Mode Secure and Privacy

Private hi browser supports Incognito mode, which allows you to search and browse the web pages anonymously and incognito.

Bookmark management – Fast and easy

Bookmark web pages and access your favourite web sites with just one click.

Night mode Protect your eyes

For a fantastic visual search experience in low-light environments, turn on Night Mode.


1.How do I turn on incognito on my browser?

To open Incognito mode, simply open the Me tab in your browser. Incognito mode can protect your privacy.

2. How to use the video downloadinger

You can search for the movie or video you wish to download. Click the download button below it to open the video downloader. Then you can view the movie in hi browser.

3.Why should you use an adblocker

Hi browser is a private and secure browser that offers a free ad-blocker. Search with adblocker speeds up web pages and reduces annoying ads. It can also save you money and data.

4. What kind of video can you download in your browser?

Hi Browser’s video sniffer will automatically detect the media resources within the URL. Video downloads can be made on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media channels. You can also use the video downloader to get your favorite movies or interesting videos that you have searched online.

How to install Hi Browser-Private&Fast web app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Hi Browser-Private&Fast web from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.