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Grand Theft Auto 5: Open-world action is set once more in Los Santos, a Los Angeles-like area that was previously the location for GTA: San Andreas. The player takes on the roles of the three main characters, Michael (ex-bank robber) and Franklin (small-time gangster). The characters can be switched at any moment. The lives of the two remaining characters continue as normal even though the player assumes one role. There are many activities available. GTA Online also features a multiplayer component that allows for the expansion of the online world dynamically. This revised version includes improved graphics effects, a larger animal world, more traffic, and additional weapons and vehicle options.

GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises are now available

The Criminal Enterprises update adds new missions to GTA Online and improves the user experience. It also includes new business opportunities, new contact missions, and sophisticated new contacts that allow you to act as an IAA agent.

Southern San Andreas is currently in an economic crisis. The state is currently suffering from a deadly heat wave, as well as gasoline prices at their highest level in decades. Retail supply chains are also lying idle. This chaos can have lucrative consequences for executives, bikers and nightclub owners, as well as gun runners. The IAA is now interested in the sudden spike in gas prices at the station. They suspect that corrupt Duggan oil families are exploiting the system to their advantage. To uncover the truth, the Agency will need your assistance.

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